The Conjure Candles By Lala The Conjure Candles By LalaHere's to the beginning of controlling my reality. Help safeguard your current job. lalaahari) • Instagram photos and videos. Includes: 3rd pentacle of Venus - Attract and enhance love, admiration and more special attention. I found this info & book i wanted to share with you all as well. The Conjure by Lala Inuti Ahari/ More candles! Initial review. Removes parasitic energy that may be feeding off of your pain, misery, illness, etc. Conjure Candles – Black Dahlia Boutique. Built The Conjure, the worlds biggest authentic Spiritual candle company, with revenue of over $25M in 4 years. This candle has the blessing of angels and will raise your vibration, remove blockages, and bring joy and peace to your heart, mind, body and soul. It wasn't until mercury retrograde that I realized I had ZERO interest in making conjure oils. Designated days for candles. shop world famous 🔥🔥 🔥 👉🏽 the conjure candles. It’s a great candle and can be tailored in many ways!! ️. Good luck on your journey & as much as you think you know you will never know as much as those who read the books, do the work, do their own research, take the guildence offered by Sister LaLa & theses who are getting the results & finding success in so many areas of their lives it's frightening. I haven't been on here in 2 months but thanks to la la candles my guy has opened up and tells me how he feels, and I actually manefisted and prayed about a second job and got it within a week, and I'm getting married in 2022😍😍 thanks to auntie la la candles. I have NEVER seen such strong candles …. The power of Lala’s candles and rites. Hoodoo For Beginners: Working Magic Spells in Rootwork and Conjure …. It’s almost suffocating, and mucanex (sp?) doesn’t quite do it for me. If you are in the entrance room, you will always see the candle at the bottom middle, because that candle represents the entrance room. Feel free to use my chants and adapt them to your situations. Around this seal in Latin states "Behold his face and form by whom all things were made, and whom all creatures obey". Evolve and @Lala Inuti Ahari say to conjure 1st PEN of the Sun first and spell later on the description of the candle and in @I fe- Grow, Learn, Evolve p ost from the pic. There is nothing to fear, you are the one in control. It's the 2nd fastest candle of Ms. Lala what you put in these candles 🕯! Write a comment See how her eyes 👀 glow thats scares me 😱 sometimes. What bible verse does lala want us to read?? Whils doing a …. Other candles burning with lala candles. Court candle lighting photos. I’m interested in being apart of the Upcoming Vodou Rite and wanted some insight. Since it has been a while since using the candles you would probably want to UHH. How to Shop for Yankee Candles Like a Pro. The newer Angel candles have the directions in their description. Ticks are insects known to embed themselves on to their host, with an …. Lala candles in Tell Your Story I haven't been on here in 2 months but thanks to la la candles my guy has opened up and tells me how he feels, and I actually …. I became a fervent follower, was lucky enough to have an amazing mentor from this group and did a ton of work in a ton of different areas. In my observations, it seems not many people focus on healing. Boost financial success and income. The Conjure: Zodiac Conjure Candles: Aries + Libra. Lala’s Sun Rite is coming up soon. How To Summon Bloody Mary And Other Slumber Party Monsters …. This candle has the power to bring wealth in major abundance! Power and Kingdom are all in this candle. I know a lot of people in the Conjure Family are starting businesses. At some point in the dream she kept writing the number 9 all over the wall in green ink. Been using Lala’s candles for years and found them very powerful. 135K Followers, 406 Following, 91 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lala Inuti Ahari (@official. Yeah the supreme 2 is combined with Blood lamour hence y she says it's her most 2 powerful love candles. Last year, I went and asked LaLa if she could make a UnStuck/Stagnant candle she mentioned in the forum to use Halo, Blockbuster, Papa Legba and if it's a stubborn situation to use 2POM. A flickering candle flame means you could be in the presence of spirits. My story with spirituality began before I was even aware of my full potential. I was just wondering do we work conjure candles before spelled or spelled before conjure? So with Mercury + Mercury + Crossroads would I chant and activate the conjure candles and then chant the crossroad candle? About Lala. I thought this beauty would be a popular one, but I can’t find any posts about the L'AMOUR …. In the event this happens it's ok to take something safe to flick off some of the wick. The self-proclaimed largest spiritual candle company in the world also offers Spelled Candles, which are pre-spelled with the labeled intention. Take your time and concentrate on what you wrote. That’s an expensive and annoying inconvenience. All kinds of healing: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. Light candles and place them all around you. 252K Followers, 7,106 Following, 2,861 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Conjure by Lala Inuti Ahari ™ (@conjuredhoodoo). Not she has the 6th pentacle of Saturn (hex) which is a conjure candle and not a spelled candle 2. Mars and then whatever other can. If I used a jar with my sweetening candle and I’m done burning the candle am I supposed to bury the jar …. Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping | See details. Does anyone know which is the best, strongest, fast acting one? My goal is to burn it tomorrow 8/8 during Lionsgate. As always I had an amazing reading from the celebrity tarot reader Bootz! I told him who was on my spiritual team and Lala of course was one of them! He said he definitely fucks with her and has some of her candles! I'm so blessed to have these GOATS (along with others) on my spiritual team!. But @Ife- Grow, Learn, Evolve and @Lala Inuti Ahari say to conjure 1st PEN of the Sun first and spell later on the description of the candle and in @I fe- Grow, Learn, Evolve p ost from the pic. com/conjuredhoodoo?igshid=b9d63exdek5f. These candles' functions can only be effective if you use them correctly. She hugged me and kept telling me repeatedly that my work is working. Will that remove what I did with Tina or because so much time will have lapsed by the time I get my packages that it may not matter?. All Posts; Categories; My Posts. Spelled candlespretty much instant and overwhelming results however I have never really had results with the conjure candles. Questions regarding the Halo candle. I'm better now but my willpower is MUCH stronger. I want to make a few glitter candles for a party favor for my daughter's birthday and trying to figure out how to get the glitter to stay on top and thick like that. Review of the hoodoo candles from the conjure. Good For:• Success in business and employment• Victory in business and educational pursuits• Job promotions • Excellent for anyone in sales. #theconjurecandlehaul2023#theconjurecandlereview2023#theconjurebylalainutiahariTodays video is on the conjure candle unboxing. I planned to do Ahari then DA and 2nd pent. 🛍️ How Entrepreneur Lala Inuti Ahari Found Her Calling. Her company, which sells conjure and spelled candles, now boasts the title of the world's largest spiritual candle company. This candle just handles EVERYTHING even things I had forgotten about !! I lit it yesterday and got an unexpected email today !! 💛 🧘🏽‍♀️. I purchased two candles from the conjure over a month ago from Lala. Them conjure candles 75 dollars who got time to be wasting ink and money bc ink is expensive on something that was stated it was provided. When it comes to finding the perfect candle for your home, Yankee Candles are a popular choice. Conjure And has 1 job listed on their profile. has all your witchy skincare needs — not to mention absolutely mystical bath bombs!!!!!!!! 11. Hey Fam is there a candle to help you get over a person you know is not good for you? Something that will release ones feelings for someone and heal?. @High Summoner I just posted a few chants that may give people a springboard to create them own. You know I love you so much and love that you work so hard for us giving us literally the best candles in the spiritual community. LaLa’s NON-conjured and NON-spelled candles would probably be ok on a warmer; but for the conjured and spelled candles, like @ELynn1 stated, you’ll need a flame because it is an element [for work]. The company is run by: Lala Inuti Ahari. •4th Pentacle of Jupiter candle (use on Thur) to obtain wealth. The best thing about it is it will also terminate delays. Does the Color of a Candle Affect How Fast It Burns?. Details about Power Candle. which one of you chicken heads did the karma candle. Videos of The Conjure Candles by Lala. Generally, only girls have Sweet 16 birthday parties. or one at a time after 3 days???. Today we’d like to introduce you to LaLa Inuti Ahari. I have finished my collect candle by burning it. The most common candles worked with in the hoodoo/conjure/rootwork tradition are your standard home candles. Good For:• Court or custody battles• Family or domestic feuds, to bring you. Seeking guidance from those who've ventured into the mystical realm of LALA, JEZEBELE, the enchanting 11 Spells Witch, and her expertise in invoking Choirs of Principalities. Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones ( contemplates Gods power and decisions). anyhoo I wud snuff out lala's candle put some water in a pot , place candle n there melt it all out then remove the wick n replace it with the wooden wicks I bought , place n center of candle let it solidify n wen I'm ready relight it n it burns. Dollar tree math assessment test answers. So, a while ago I bought the Defense candle. Hey I would like to know if unhex candle undo Tina’s ritual work?. An initial review of The Conjure candles, Power, Summon, Crossroads and intense candle Ahari/Sire. I have art of root candles burning. Good for• Removing a HEX• Removing most curses• Remove negativity• Fully cleanses Includes• Ready to use, UN-HEX spelled 11oz candle poured in black glass and box. Angels/entities - Angel monachiel and more. You have the idea , apply it in the real world. This lust candle is not no joke. More All Posts; Categories; My Posts; Login / Sign up. I have made three purchases from the Conjure over the last few months. I ordered ***** to watch a show produced by The Conjure (name of the company is LaLa Conjure). The paradigm of my vision for my business. I felt lightheaded, always a sign to me that it's working immmediately!. I’ve seen people use Lala’s candles to ruin relationships. I already burned the preliminary candles. and does anyone have any suggestions as far as how one should start lighting for ancestors & positive gu. So if you had a protection rite done and then you also burned 3 different types of protection candles (separately), and you cleansed and protected your home (like with fiery wall etc), and you carry some kind of protection mojo bag on you at all times and wear a protection bracelet, then that. It conjures feelings no other medium can, stirring up physical and emotional reactions that can change our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Please click on the country abbreviation. Then I want to work on my love life. I hope @Lala Inuti Ahari @The Conjure (Lala) considers making obsession a XL candle. I did mercury to open doors and remove. Let me put y’all on to some game !! Using a combo of. Fidelity Candle The Conjure By LaLa Inuti Ahari New. Anyone thinking of buying her classes or already purchased?. Protect everything and everyone you love. Thanks for sharing your story with us LaLa. I'll post my review from the 3GC thread below: I would have already re-uped my 3GC stash, but I'm trying to work through what I have on hand. Good evening! When storing candles, Spelled & Conjure, are there any that should not be stored in the same space?. I recently bought from a popular store on here and was …. Please, share your wisdom and enchanting stories to illuminate. Its been awhile since I have practiced and am ready to get myself back on track. What Is the Sweet 16 Candle Ceremony?. To get movement, 1st unhex,halo and healing on a Fri , then halo/moon on Monday then Mars on Thurs then wait 3 days do crossroads. *This company may be headquartered in or have additional locations in another country. I have court candles and also sweetening. It doesn't necessarily mean just candles and rites. This candle can be used with all of my spelled and conjure collection (a lot like Ahari). Good for• Removing anxiety & depession. Ladies let's think bigger. Please follow the directions in the booklet. -He loves a glass of milk, an. Thus why she is squishy compared to other magicians. so I got an email after a ritual stating results/movement within seven days is it true? can anyone confirm? I participated last week and was wondering about accuracy of timing per her email confirmation. Haven't posted in a bit but truly wanted to come and talk about the Pisces candle. Immediately kiss the image of your loved one on the lips, saying: "With this, I make you be silent, and. Yankee Candles are one of the most popular brands of scented candles on the market. I lost my affirmations card that comes with the soul purge bath salts, can anyone …. Yankee Candles make great gifts for any occasion. As I write this, I think the majority of Lala’s candles can be applied here. This powerful candle, personally conjured by Mama Satin, has endless properties!: Destroys specific blockages for your manifestations to come through with ease! Breaks up any crossed condition. Mars is a fierce, fiery and extreme protector, and a necessity for every household and relationship. 🤔 Because I try and stock up a few every time she has a sale for future use, or I'll grab the Intense just because they're limited. And if the initial assessment about her being a narc is correct, the fact that the boy allegedly looks just like her means she'd do nothing. I don’t see her introducing all of these new lines and products and then just closing down for good. Good afternoon everyone !!! I am all for layering your work … I am all for conjuring tf out of your work. The Conjure is a spiritual candle company founded by Lala Inuti Ahari in 2019. In general, candles symbolize life, love and celebration. Hey y'all this is a review/ tip lol. Are you overseas? That is a long time for there not to. So I been observing for years i see some post where some of us are excited when we use these powerful expensive life changing candles and teachings to conjure short term casual d*ck and men who obviously arent that into us. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Conjure, Fame Candle By LaLa Inuti Ahari, New at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. I am almost too humble to use this candle for a. The Conjure">Supreme Blood Q. Music is a universal language that defies international borders and celebrates diverse cultures. Here’s some of the candles I purchased to get started Recommend readersthreehoodoosisters https://threehoodoosisters. Damn is this real? I’ve been burning this candle for only a couple of days for my husbands charges to get. The power of Lala's candles and rites. After that, I refused to buy candles from anyone. It will have your target go madly sexually obsessed over you. Have a question is it a bad or good thing when the conjure candle is done but a huge fire keeps going and makes puff noises:-) top of page. Hoodoo, Witchcradt & Vodou (voodoo) Results proven. Oh wow !! That’s dope I purchased Supreme 2. Honey moves slower but it’s long last. b under the candle ,, who have you guys been using the oils ?? Write a comment I'm finally ready to light my candle and use my oil tonight !! And one have chant expample and do …. Peace in my soul and tranquility. I am reviewing The Conjure products with some testimonies. This time I am ordering the Eriss. Just wondering if auntie Lala is planning on bringing this candle back anytime this month cause I need it ! Lol has anyone received theirs and seen results yet ?. It helps to influence the target(s) of your choice to be more willing to share their assets with you. I am interested in someone but we have had fague contact. One such example is Ahari, the lady behind The Conjure – spelled mystical candles. are they gone, I finally got access to my emails and i had one from yesterday about the oils and now i cant find them today to order. If your conjure candles have the same planet name (3rd and 4th of Venus) you can light them on the same day (their day). The management company is notorious for screwing people over we found out, but I burned that court candle day in and out until *it was GONE. The Conjure Hoodoo Candle Order Review. Spirits that will make themselves known to you. L’Amour is a spelled candle by Lala, meant to generate love from a known target. The spirits attached to this candle will carry out your wishes. Lala came out with these Zodiac Conjure Candles back in July/August. Fruits, tea and patchouli are combined in this. Hello all, Does anyone have the 3rd Pentacle of Mercury | Writing | Wordsmith. Huge flame when candle is done!. When I first lit my new crossroads candle, the flame was a normal size. The 6 Best Ways to Use Yankee Candles. Hey, I have a few tarot candles and have been trying to figure out how to work with the energy so i did some digging. Choosing a rug for your home conjures up many decorating questions. I have six remaining candles and three Eriss body souffles from The Conjure (the. OK - so - after a night spent in our brand new bedroom set, I feel like a new woman. I burned the defense candle because of its scent. When storing candles, Spelled & Conjure, are there any that should not be stored in the same space? Good evening! When storing candles, Spelled & Conjure, are there any that should not be stored in the same space? About Lala. Clarification of if this is a typo or true procedure is needed…. Unhex, and Dream are spelled candles that were created by Lala Inuti Ahari. How do we properly dispose of crossroad candle once done with it. STRONGLY spelled with multiple Spirits, Gods and Angels. Within 48 hours, my situation turned completely around. Safe Summoning Spells: A Guide To Contacting The Dead. I have a lot of Lala candles, I'm wondering if the magick goes away after a while if you store the candles or if they are good for years? I have some candles from another practitioner I have had for a few years and they told me they won't work anymore but that feels not true to me. Lala and her conjure crew made a bath soak for Halo, Healing, and DA 🤔 I love ending a long day with a hot bath. I just found out about Lala and started getting her candles about a month ago. Oh no I’m great in interviews I just wanted to see if itll help within the interview also. Rituals are a non-combat skilling activity for Necromancy, located in the City of Um within the Underworld. Y’all paying $70 for candles ? Honestly you really could buy these candles and buy oils separately and condition them yourself. Is there a "shelf life" on Lala's wonderful candles??. I'm honestly in awe of how well it worked on my target. Authentic Conjure & Spelled candles. Voodoo Protection Dolls, New Orleans Voodoo Dolls, Hoodoo Dolls, Louisiana Broom Dolls, Evil Eye Dolls, Doll Babies, Spirit Dolls, Goddess Dolls, Conjure Dolls, Moss Dolls, Ju Ju Dolls, Rope Dolls, Black Cat Charm Dolls, Poppets. I am pretty sure that the spelled candles are just as potent as they were when they came in 2021 lol just wante to make sure. I purchased candles from someone else and they did nothing. Yankee Candles are made with high-quality ingredients and are de. 00 Quick View Omni | Knowing $49. Queen Lala's Candles Are The Truth. Death curse spells that use Wiccan magic incorporate pagan rituals and contemporary values. This would be the way to do it too. It's also known to provide protection from negativity and. Ted explains that while you have filled up the vessel enough for you to gain more power, you must earn a talent point …. Ready to change your life? Sire is the beginning of that journey. Being that Auntie LaLa discontinued the Separation Candle, can War be used to get victory over the 3rd party within my marriage? If not are there any other suggestions on which candle could? Conjure Academy. gather around together in a huddled way you’re able to face and see the entire group. New Booklet She already has the days of the week to use the conjure candles sis. See photos for product details. lalaahari) • Instagram photos and videos Page couldn't load • Instagram. My intentions behind my rant was In the right place but it came out wrong kinda. It is strongly spelled with 3 of Lala's powerhouse spells. Check out all our awesome dea The Conjure by …. Would be nice if y'all can share some chants for the new candles 🥹. Have you been working on something and it has been slow to manifest? This candle will make that shift happen. According to Candle Cauldron, the burn time of a candle can be calculated by weighing the candle and burning i. The more souls the player can wield, the more power they have. conjure candles do not play games! Thank you Lala! you never cease to amaze me with the way you empower us to do the …. Free shipping on orders over $75. “Reality is a thing of the past” is a bit of a daunting statement, isn’t it? It drums up fears of a world dominated by rogue A. I wonder since this has a seal on it will the results be more intense? Like. HALO is a full spiritual cleansing. But, she will probably bring them out again for a sale. Old Style Conjure Candle Burning. Looking for the perfect way to make your home smell amazing? Look no further than Yankee candles! With a wide range of fragrances to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. Rotate it three times along the vertical axis, then another 180 degrees, turning it around. I already was trying to learn how to make candles so I bought the candle making kit from Amazon. But are their products really worth the extra money? In this review, we take a closer look at the company’s pricing, product selection, and quality to. Is the addiction candle a conjure candle and the sire candle ? Candles; HOME. The Conjure by Lala Inuti Ahariinquiring about website and products. From front to back the book totals around 187 pages. DOES NOT NEED TO BE USED WITH ANY OTHER FORM OF CONJURE. Lala's Rites Results Timing. For example, any candle that I've got from Lala dealing with success, money, or protection have worked wonders for me. LaLa's candles in Tell Your Story. comCheck out my new online shop! I sell Intention and. I still think the description of the candle is what I am needing. Lala's Peaceful Home/Intuition Cancer Conjure candle. It’s more about drawing the course, making the plan, then applying the supportive candle. If the length of the wick and size of the candles are the same, they should burn for generally the same amount of time. Her company, which sells conjure and spelled candles, now boasts the title of the world’s largest spiritual candle company. 00 (10% off) Uncrossing Conjure Candle. 7,473 likes, 66 comments - conjuredhoodoo on May 27, 2021: "INTENSE RITES ARE UP! 2 SEALS INCLUDED IN ONE Only starting with 3 Rites for now. By Jasmine Browley · Updated June 28, 2023. Use your fingers to sprinkle some of the warm salt water around the summoning space. This organization is not BBB accredited. 1; Business Profile for The Conjure by Lala. It would be amazing if Lala made one power Instant Karma candle, so when someone sends evil your way for it to bounce back immediately to them! yesss!!! please @The Conjure (Lala) please could you make a return to sender karma candle specifically for returning evil eye, negative energy, malevolence, hatred and evil back to our enemies …. Those candle and oil combinations are one of a kind! She is truly a badass and A1 in my book! top of page. Knowledge Chants (Three Versions). b under the candle ,, who have you guys been using the oils ?? Write a comment I'm finally ready to light my candle and use my oil tonight !! And one have chant expample and do we. There is more to do than just lighting your …. Which candle or candles can I used to force release? The ones that I have that I think would maybe work is 1st posaturn 1st posun. Which candle did what? One thing bout me, Ima burn Ms Lala’s candles!!!! 😂😂🤑💵; When Spirit sends a message while saying, “Did you get that lil’ money I sent you?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣. Won another scratch off $500 on a $10 scratch with the money I used from another scratch off. LaLa said Supreme 8 has a road opener so I don’t think anything else is needed in preparation. Can it be given to someone else? It's just the candle itself never been opened. Help your body do what it's meant to do naturally. All Posts; Categories; My Posts; Login / Sign up. I’m over here stalking MsLala page on IG every second and on the hour just to see if she going to do another Intense candle sale or Any other sale!!! Can Somebody or Anybody who got an inside scoop of when Lala going to …. All 3, if my budget could swing it. These candles work, be patient, focus, and spirits do love us. We’ll get into more detail about this interpretation later, but the overarching theme is that the flames continue to react to the presence of guardians, lost loved ones, and others you’re trying to reach on the side. She thought about it, called her spirits and did her work with heart, body and soul for us🤔 let's give her the same respect and take our time and choose the proper candle and what we need it for. The Conjure (Lala) 405: 414: 15min: Free PDF Books. *Use on Fridays* 1st pentacle of Saturn - to take control whenever needed. Yankee Candle Outlet: A One. Click on the first talent at the bottom, Conjure Skeleton Warrior, and you will see that it requires a talent point to unlock. There are many ways to fix a candle, whether it is a 7 day glass encased vigil novena candle or a plain taper candle. Authentic Conjure & Spelled Body cream. Would everyone agree this rule would also go for STFU? As in, should I o. That's cool for a short time but thats nothing to be bragging about with excitement. You can tweak it the way you’d like. hello, I'm a newbie and I just ordered various bundles from Lala- Tranquility, Lovers Return, Domination, Crown of Success and Ahari with Ahari Eriss. This candle have been spelled by Lala with the help of the invocation of Angels. After 3- or more minutes (you will know when you’ve set your intention) then look in the booklet and follow the simple directions of conjuring according to the description of 1st POS ( 1st POS is a conjure candle). Take the paper and, kiss it and say: “You will bring me luck and abundance. I have money tied up with the irs and my clients do too. Join the Conjure Forum, a community of like-minded people who share their experiences and insights on hoodoo, witchcraft, voodoo, and magic. When I tell y'all everytime she writes in this notebook everything happens down t. no just a regular spelled candle. Much Gratitude to the Most High. The Conjure Spelled candles: Dream & Un. candles of ">Hey business owners drop in the comments what candles of. They serve as a sort of mini map indicating presence in rooms. What candle do you use to remove all negative people from …. Regarding being good in interviews, I would access why you think you aren't good in interviews and work on that additionally. Reload page 252K Followers, 7,106 Following, 2,861 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Conjure by Lala Inuti Ahari ™ (@conjuredhoodoo). Thank you for sacrificing your blood and putting all. The burn time of a candle depends on its weight. I can't imagine not having halo to burn when needed. CONJURE RITES BY LALA & ERIA MARIE. But I have numerous other candles. L'AMOUR??? in Review Testimonials. ]—died June 15, 1881, New Orleans), Vodou queen of New Orleans. Conjure Work is where you get help: Conjure Work. I've been doing rituals and working on my love work candles. The Conjure by Lala has 1 locations, listed below. Hello all, What candle or candles could I use to help someone recover from a brain aneurysm? They have been hospitalized for two months now in a rehab center. And I know she doesn't do exchange or. Known to bring immediate results. Loaded up on Omni candles. The Conjure by Lala Inuti Ahari, POWER, Spelled Candle Tin has some minor dents. One of them has a Goetia seal on it but I didn't get any results. How long do candles last?. Clarification on Halo and Unhex. More All Posts; Categories; My Posts; Login About Lala. Using these two different methods of conjure you are …. Hi I want to purchase the court case candle but wanted to know when to burn it?. The Conjure by Lala Inuti Ahari. Interpreting Candle Flame Meanings: The Complete Guide. Lala Inuti Ahari Talks About the Success of The Conjure">Lala Inuti Ahari Talks About the Success of The Conjure. Good For:• Protection against harm • Defense against your enemies• Protection for children• Protecting you relationships. Tips on How to Manifest a Successful Business using Lala's Candle …. Clarification of if this is a typo or true. A white candle and meditation music.