Phlster Enigma For Fat Guys

Phlster Enigma For Fat Guys[Other] PHLster Enigma - in stock $76. I was wondering if you are able to adjust and cant/rotate the actual holster so its diagonal? Or is it stuck in the vertical fixed position? Store Clerk rushed by four heavily armed men. Choose an option Less than 5" More than 5". If you get another compact/full size gun with a rail, you'll never have to buy another holster. My overall rating of the PHLster Enigma Chassis System: 5/5. Important: Please be sure you are testing holster retention correctly. Buy Holsters & Belts from Conceal Carry - Alien Gear Holsters, SmartCarry Holsters & Bigfoot Gunbelts are now available from Conceal Carry. 5 enigma compatible and the light bearing enigma. We couldn’t end this list without talking about PHLster holsters. I attached the magazine and TQ to the outside of the enigma belt so they don't change the gun's grip rotation. Available in P365/P365XL, P365-XMACRO, Springfield Hellcat, Springfield …. The only but huge advantage esther has is the DT it provides, you can …. Excess abdominal fat distribution relative to pistol placement and concealment: I see a lot of bigger guys struggle with appendix carry pistol placement when trying to accomplish comfort and concealment. The Phlster Enigma has been taking the inside the waistband carry crowd by storm over the last year. A wedge can be made out of a number of different materials such as kydex or foam. Yes the holster is stable and I can conceal the p320 xcompact very well. I've seen the Phlster folks say that Incogs won't work with the Enigma. I found running the gun at 12:00 wasn't really a good option, to much printing. Plus it works perfectly with the LB Enigma Maybe this helps the big guys. Brand new PHLster Enigma Express holster setups. It was however a spur of the moment purchase, I had purchased a Harry's singleton holster for the Taurus g3 and a. All the "that's not how it works, it'll never work" folks are overlooking the simplicity of geometry and getting hung up on marketing. Standard Enigma with a DCC Mod4 Universal clip. If you aren't satisfied, send it back for a full refund! Click here for a video demonstration & instructions on how to configure your leash. You can, however, run whatever you want on a regular gun belt over the Enigma rig, up to and including a complete OWB and double mag carrier, with no consequences (for my build- 34 waist, 44 chest, 6’ 185 lbs). You must register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Wedges, either foam or molded into the holster are generally going to be a huge boon to comfort and concealment by both further negating hotspots and assisting the wing attachment in keeping everything close to your body. • The Enigma is only for carrying in the appendix position. In one sense, assembly of the Enigma is simple. I decided to push out my update since the PHLster Enigma just cleared out their waitlist. Same outfit, same gun, and same model of holster - different system of attaching it for conce. Adjust the two-point buckle position - move the buckle closer to the faceplate to help control slide tuck or optic printing. Phlster enigma for fat guys, Playas cerca de kentucky, 1 inch ruler online, Oohwee master p, Changs martial arts, Red recliners for sale near me, Croc x . I got a Phlster holster for the 365, and that combo disappears with the Enigma. The heart of Enigma is the winged faceplate. Two-way adjustment gives you solid retention and a better fit than most “universal” holsters, allowing the holster to properly contact the pistol slide and …. A game changer in belt free carry?. The leg leash does an amazing job at preventing the enigma from riding up, and keeping the holster in place when you draw. 5” of “hard stuff” to jam a claw against, with the enigma you get big plate. Hopefully this adds more context, as well as gives you a complete overview of. Durable, tenacious, and low profile, these steel clips provide ultimate security and convenience. Would like to use it instead for a larger/heavier gun (full-size Beretta APX or 4" XD-45) - has anyone had experience using it for a larger/heavier gun and would you recommend it? Thanks!. That is to say, it's not the most uncomfortable, but it can begin to chafe if it is in contact with your skin all day. New carry style means new training style. I personally spent days googling all the forums, Facebook searching, and going through all the reviews on Reddit and YouTube to see what …. This one might be a little weird to get used to as an idea, but the Phlster Enigma is fantastically comfortable to wear and has a huge advantage over the rest of the market. Enigma is unmatched in concealment and performance. The Papoose combined with the mule tape leg leash is a game changer for the game changer. In the rare event that a package is actually lost, contact us for a prompt resolution. Yes! Fat Guys CAN Appendix Carry! : r/CCW. Not sure if it being Glock 43 means the 43X will fit or not. Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in HD. Question for people who own one. Innovative and Reliable Holsters and Concealed Carry Essentials for Professional End-Users. Ordered a holster through JM Custom Kydex that is supposed to work with the Enigma. The Floodlight2 is fully ambidextrous and includes a pair of super tough DCC 1. PHLster Enigma Express Light-Bearing. You'll find an overview of all the possible adjustments, plus tips and tricks for concealment and concealed carry comfort. The wait list sends out in-stock notifications in batches in the order people signed up. With the light-bearing model, you need the correct screw hole spacing to fit the slots on the Enigma. As well as the ability to make personal upgrades you can DIY to the holster. Recommended Holsters:PHLster Holsters: https://www. Enigma Pros: lots of adjustment available. The enigma is absolutely awesome, the leg leash is pointless. Not that I'm proud of that but facing the reality Enigma for Him | PHLSTER Kydex Holsters and Medical Accessories. Definitely would need to be modded (drilled) or something to work. It has a rubber backing that clings to a body some, and prevents it from sliding. Sir_Ender August 23, 2021 at 4:58 pm. You might be able to swap to a different holster using the same enigma if there is an issue. PHLster Modular Holster Wedge Kit. 99 100% Live Inventory, No Back Orders. Most of the tips and tricks are noted in this article, but the biggest issues skinny guys face are wearing low. I find that with the enigma the benefits of carrying with a longer holster are magnified. Check spacer height - helps with slide printing. Reminder that it doesn’t matter if you’re a metro pcs worker, off duty cop, pawn shop worker, gun store employee, liquor store worker, hardware store worker, or a random Brazilian phone store worker. Then the gun won't stay in the holster. (Photo credit: PHLster) PHLster states that the Floodlight2 is made using superior materials; the same rugged plastic as pistol frames and rifle stocks. The Pro Series holster is one holster that can fit multiple gun models, so there’s no need to purchase multiple holsters for each. You'd probably only notice that if you have the holster fairly low and we're sitting/squatting. I knew people said it was a little tight, but that is beyond an understatement. JM Custom Kydex- Enigma shell for Elite. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 93 Quick View Select options. It's so different, in fact, it's in a whole new category of its own. Pricing as configured runs $134. Simple velcro belt (Blue Alpha Gear EDC belt) underneath pants. Appendix Carry for Big Guys – Abdominal Fat Distribution. The TLDR of this is the price point of Enigma and it’s upgrades vs the performance, especially when compared to a quality holster and belt. This rig works best using appendix carry. If I was wanting to tuck my shirt in with another belt on wouldn’t that make it uncomfortable? I’m not completely sure how the enigma works. PHLster Enigma Express">How to Set Up and Adjust the PHLster Enigma Express. Watch this video to identify any comfort issues you might be having, and learn the basic skills for getting comfortable. Phlster enigma with tenicor certum3? : r/CCW. or 4 interest-free payments of $23. 185K subscribers in the CCW community. Hey everybody so I have a jx tactical fat guy holster and was wondering if the Phlster enigma is a good idea. “The Bumster” is an alternative to the stock garter and leg leash. While a Glock holster can run you as low as around $50, you can also easily spend over $200 depending on the brand, style, accessories, color options, customization, etc. We are accepting MC9 orders now. Phlster Enigma : Revolutionize EDC. 00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. Comes with a DCC Monoblock, attachment hardware and can be mounted to the PHLster LBE (using the Enigma hardware) Assembly Instructions. It connects to the garter slot on the PHLster Enigma faceplate and runs between your legs, up your glute following the panty line, and attaches to the Enigma belt. Only the Standard and Light Bearing enigmas will allow you to swap the "shells" (holsters) across manufacturers. There are a few principles at play. I have a Phlster Enigma Express, T1C Aegis, and the Vedder. This system isn’t an elastic band but more of a belt that wraps around your body and is secured via something akin to a belt buckle. Legacy Firearms Co QUICK SHIP ZEPHYR ULTITUCK (IWB) + 1 reviews. Please thank Big Tex Ordnance for bringing us today's video of Gear Review: PHLster Enigma! They have holsters, accessories, optics and other parts that you. It’s for guns with weapon mounted lights or lasers, as well as Tenicor brand holsters. If it is I'll probably just get the Enigma Express for my P365 otherwise it seems I need the standard Enigma to be able to use multiple holsters. Make sure to leave plenty of extra…. It's based on the idea of wearing a belt around your waist, under your clothing, and attaching a . 0 now and am getting the shield plus. AIWB Holster with the PHLster Enigma System. Your holster needs to lock up firmly to the Enigma faceplate, without rotating. No light or laser attachment currently. VAT; Phlster Flatpack™ Tourniquet Carrier R 610. glass can fog/ crack, inhibiting ability to engage accurately. Any wing based holster that uses 5/8” hole spacing for said wing will work. What is the Phlster Enigma? It’s a revolutionary concealed carry chassis that allows you to effectively deep conceal a holstered gun without wearing a belt. More items related to this product. I finally managed to get my hands on an Enigma and spend enough time with it to get my opinion out there for everyone. For more information, go to - www. Using high tech materials, it turns your favorite Kydex holster into an ultra-low-profile concealment system that’s completely independent of your clothing. But still interested to hear if anyone has carried with my setup and the Enigma for a comparison. You know the one where I ranted all over the common sense CCW stuff. PHLster ENIGMA reviewed — Green Ops">PHLster ENIGMA reviewed — Green Ops. PHLster Enigma Adapters; Helios Light Carrier; POM Pepper Spray; TurboDrop OWB Drop Hanger; TurboProp Retention Knob (5-pack) FN 509 Tactical Compensator; Swag & Apparel. com , Jul 20, 2021 Jump to Latest AllOutdoor. I highly recommend the phlster fb group to everyone. PHLster needed to get out from under the weight of constant backlog and of constantly making yesterdays products, and make way for new ideas, multi-material approaches, diversification, and faster delivery. Add your clip next, then secure with the screws. Blocking is such that extended controls should be no issue. Check out our phlster enigma selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our book sets & collections shops. Comes fully assembled with the Standard Enigma, Emod Modwing (a $13 value) and your choice of the standard Enigma belt or an upgraded PHLster Sport Belt (+$38) ***Standard belt-attachments and hardware not included with Enigma builds (soft loops and DCC …. BINGO! That is EXACTLY what it is…a system. I’m down to these choices: Tulster Oath. Prevents rotation - How it works. (The video proper starts a couple of minutes in, so you might want to skip until you see people. Glock 1 item; Sig Sauer 1 item; My Wish List. You need to adjust the tension and position to get it to sit right. Enigma Safety; About PHLster; Video Library; Blog; Instructions; Contact. To adjust the retention on your PHLster City Special revolver holster, simply loosen the screw and slide it towards or away from the trigger guard. 5″ belt webbing and slotted attachment points are designed to. If your holster doesn’t have any of these, your holster won’t work with the enigma. The Skeleton holster attaches to the proprietary face plate on the Enigma that, according to PHLster, is a strong, thin, and flexible woven polycarbonate material. My Journey from Stock Standard Enigma to Customized Enigma. Sport Tuck Belly Band & Holster Bundle. T1C is nice but prints a bit more on me. Carrying a Gen 5 G26, left-handed, I found it to be most stable using a Red One ShivWorks MkII holster, since the non-adjustable retention of this rig results in the …. In the sweats, I’m wearing it a little high, the back plate of the slide is about at my belly button. STAY CONNECTED:Website: https://www. Keep in mind that not ALL kydex holsters will be compatible. While it’s optimized for the PHLster Pro Series, Enigma is modular. Helps maintain steady belt tension, which aids in comfort and concealment. Please thank Big Tex Ordnance for bringing us today’s video of PHLster Enigma Sport Belt Review With John! They have holsters, accessories, optics and other. Made from an ultra-light, high-strength woven polymer laminate, it stabilizes your gun while adding zero bulk to the front of the. 5 inch clip for quick grab-and-go. The fat guy Holster allows you to keep it lower in the belt. These work the same as the holes in the Standard Enigma faceplate. One guy posted he crashed his motorcycle and his Enigma and guns stayed in place. The Standard Enigma can be adjusted several different ways. Modwing Standard, Modwing Light-Bearing, Soft Loops (Pair), for use with PHLster Pro Holster and Floodlight models, Floodlight IWB Shock Cord, Floodlight OWB, City Special, Skeleton. 99 for the belt system plus up to $79. The longer you wear the PHLSTER enigma them more techniques you will figure out. Do NOT try to force the PHLster screw posts into the Tenicor holster. Hey everyone! Today we’re talking about the Phlster Enigma! I’ve had this for several months and wanted to really try it out and get familiar with it before. I have the TXC Beacon for a P365XL w/ TLR 7A and Holosun 507k and the Beacon fits just fine on my Enigma. MSRP for the Phlster Floodlight 2 is $138, and for more information on this holster or other products from Phlster, please visit phlsterholsters. Good people are capable of defending themselves using a firearm just remember to train. (These retail at $156 shipped from PHLster and just released in the beginning of November) The holster on these are able to be swapped out with your preferred holster at your discretion to fit most any make/model. My current holster setup is a Tulster Oath with the Enigma. You must find a compatible holster shell on your own and assemble it yourself. I prefer the Enigma over any belly band products on …. Phlster pro is really good too if you don’t need the lowest profile or slimmest option. Tam212 • IL | Austria-Italy in JMCK & PHLster Enigma holsters • No different than military guys checking, re checking, and triple checking their gear before leaving the wire. You can put it on right out of the package, or you can add accessories if you want. Not compatible with Express models. 2 drunk guys on a boat (partying all night I guess) were laughing and shooting shotgun over our heads. Main carry when I have pants with a belt on is a 19 AWIB. elementor-widget-image {text-align:center}. PHLster is also constantly developing new upgrades for it, which on one hand is wonderful because they're improving. Ember w/ Enigma – Light bearing AIWB Holster with the PHLster Enigma LB System. 00 out of 5 $ 34 – $ 39; DCC Monoblock Kit. If on FB, join their Phlster Concealment Workshop private group. That would not happen with one of the holsters. It’s your responsibility to understand how to use these products correctly, and to follow all assembly, inspection, and maintenance instructions. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Just ordered a light bearing enigma. Bumster, extra leg leashes, ulticlip to replace the leg leash, different belts, etc. The Standard Enigma comes disassembled and does not come with a holster shell. If you are left handed, click here. Phlster Enigma Alternative for Cheapskates + How To Doo Doo …. I have 3 but 2 for my Caniks and they are cross compatible. What are some things you wish you…. It definitely takes some tweaking to get it just right, but once set up, it's comfortable, accessible, secure and very concealable. Pretty sure the side car would not work with the Enigma. It’s a beltless carry option that does wrap around your body. I think in my line of work that's going to be best option I hope. Please make sure to return the item in as close to original condition as possible. Made to work with the Phlster Enigma Chassic System. Edges are clean and smooth, as are all the lines on the holster. PHLster is probably my favorite holster company, and the Skeleton style rig is easily my default choice for the Glock 43. Hey guys, Just purchased the 9mm equalizer which still has some EZ features, but not sure if the Enigma Express is correct or whether I need the skeleton enigma instead? P365L - Ultimate Phlster Enigma with optional leg leash and Mag Pouch. Choose an option S/M/L (up to 27. Wanting to get a feel for things, I put on gym shorts and after adjusting everything to fit, I chambered a 9mm snap cap in my carry pistol, holstered it into my Enigma Express and went about my. The Enigma also stays stationary under any activity, something that I never experienced with any belly band, as they tend to ride up or. You might benefit from The Bumster if: you often wear shorts that are short enough to reveal the. Going through the paces with it so that I can do the full review over on my review channel @360TacticalSolutions. Using all of the same technology as the original Enigma, the Express arrives fully pre-assembled and ready to wear with our Floodlight2 holster built in. In jeans I had it a little lower. *All PHLster/Enigma trademarks, brands, etcetera are the. Prefer Kydex and a fixed means of attaching to the belt. But it is designed with Jon's typical style and as such works better than you'd think from what I described. The PHLster Enigma is a “concealment chassis” that you can pair with your favorite AIWB holster to form the ultimate concealed carry setup regardless of whether …. How To Adjust the Standard PHLster Enigma. Could never get my fat little G26 to conceal well before I got one. Looking for a simple, light-weight, durable attachment option that works with your PHLster Enigma? The Henry Holster Enigma Adapters are laser cut from extremely durable 12ply Tegris and weigh next to nothing. However the light tuck also has holes in the center of it that are spaced such that you can secure it to the enigma. However I would feel the Phlster Enigma would be best suited for me as I often wear shorts or sweats that don't have belt loops so I need a way of beltless carry and have found the Phlster Enigma is best recommended for this However I currently cannot afford to buy so many holsters right now. Our Low Pro design comes standard with 2 points of retention to ensure a snug fit and a modwing claw attachment which pushes against …. Belt openings will fit Enigma’s 1. The Enigma Express is our only enigma that comes to you fully assembled with a holster. Every Smith and Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ holster made by Alien Gear Holsters is made in the USA, and comes backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee. I do have both options setup and ready to grab and go. The face helps press the holster up against your body making it very low profile and making it easier to achieve effective. Get the screw into the correct orientation, then use your finger from the inside of the pouch to push it through the hole. Please thank Big Tex Ordnance for bringing us today’s video of Gear Review: PHLster Enigma! They have holsters, accessories, optics and other parts that you. The Covert is simpler, I guess--just one belt, and one adjustment, and no fiddling with a leash. If tension is too loose with adjustable attention. Out of the 3 holsters I’ve bought, I end up using my Vedder Lightuck the most lol. We’re all used to hearing advice like, “dress around the …. Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting. It has no belt loop blocking to keep it slim and simple as well as keep the price down. For some folks, this investment is minimal, especially with the pre-assembled Express. These control grip tuck, grip rotation, and optic printing. Distributes pressure over wider area of the back. An example of attempting to mount a Vedder holster shell. PHLster Enigma Concealment Holster Chassis. Appendix Carry for Big Guys - Abdominal Fat Distribution. If you end up needing a new holster for the Enigma, the JMCK Enigma Shell is a great option. We started in 2010 by sharing how to make DIY Kydex holsters on YouTube, back when that information wasn’t widely available. They mention that it fits comfortably and adds another comfortable option for carrying. Okay, so it’s not actually a holster. The Lightbearing Papoose is designed to fit the PHLster Lightbearing Enigma, surrounding and smoothing over rough edges that may cause discomfort. Try doing BJJ with your cheap hybrid holster and let me know how it goes. NEW! EZ/Pro T-shirt; Pickle Blaster T-shirt; Hipster Can Holster; OCD: On-demand Cleanliness Dispenser; The Original Shockwallet;. Clothing choices are absolutely imperative for the mission at hand - concealed carry for fat guys. Another is that you can place it independently of your beltline, so you have more options of where you can place it for maximum concealability. Typically the force is concentrated where the manufacturer has pre-bent the holster, trying to contour the holster to the body. All of these offers are free to use. With the normal one, you need to have a certain concealment wing attachment. This is just my personal opinion but I think what we are all trying now is enigma version 1. It’s crazy how well such a big rig conceals. PHLster Replacement Hardware Kits. Add the rubber washers on top of the tegris panel, capturing the screw posts. The PHLster Enigma is neither a belt, a holster, or a belly band at a technical level. I have not tried what your asking, but for my LCP max, i have a Mission First Tactical holster. PHLster enigma magazine holder suggestions : r/CCW. Different positions for different holsters and purposes. Guide for Concealed Carry in a Shirt and Tie. it also has super solid retention, and fits in competitively price wise with the only other reasonable option: Tier1. This is a showdown between the Ulticlip and the PHLster Enigma. However, the Enigma allows you to use your holster with any clothing and doesn't require you to clip to . If you choose not to buy a holster specifically for the Enigma, on the Phlster website, it does tell you what set up your holster needs to have in order to work with the Enigma. You don’t necessarily have to jump to the enigma (it requires both a holster and the actual enigma) unless you are looking for a belt-less system. Updated - Here's how to install a fixed retention holster on the PHLster Enigma (Standard). Check out the video playlist below for details and instructions on each adjustment. I really feel like theres zero chance that the three guys pictured on the about us page are actually involved with the company 2 extra straps to keep the firearm and holster in place + further extension for fat legs. Regular and light bearing models both in stock right now. Phlster Enigma Holster: Conclusion. adjustable retention phlster enigma : r/CCW. I use a JMCK for my sig 365xl with 7A light for my enigma. PHLster Enigma: You can now purchase your Spark fully assembled with a PHLster Enigma LB | Learn More. THE STANDARD ENIGMA IS NOT SENT ASSEMBLEDSince Enigma does not come preassembled you will need 2 tools to go through your customization and set up process: a. Now that there seem to be a couple thousand or more enigmas in circulation with many more on the way, i thought some may want to share their mods. Concealed Carry for Big Guys. Advanced users can use the chapter headings to navigate through the video. The Light Bearing Enigma has four belt attachment holes on either side of the faceplate. I carry a Springfield Armory Hellcat. Enigma tells you to use the holes for the claw, however that wont work for the light tuck because the claw is only one hole. The new PHLster Enigma fulfills this need by being the described “belly band that doesn’t suck. 00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings. You cannot wear it at your 3 o’clock or at your back. To solve this, some holsters have extra length added to the muzzle end. There is an individual selling a custom made papoose for the enigma to help with comfort. The enigma looks interesting, but not much better than a standard belt and holster system for a guy, but for a woman stuck with a belly band because her clothes can't accommodate a gun belt, this is a straight upgrade. Here's how to correctly adjust your Enigma Leg leash. See the group announcements or the post in Guide section 1 to learn the required views. Holsters & Accessories Instructions & Manuals. I wanted to show what it was like wearing sweatpants in a relaxed standing position. How To Adjust the Standard (original) PHLster EnigmaCut down on trial and error by using the Poke and Check method to find the right belt attachment holes on. The Express is fully pre-assembled and comes with a holster shell. If you have a gut check out The 300th Parallel and PHLSTER for more information. Nylon webbing with a 3″ tall elastic panel in the back. View the official fit guides for the Enigma OS, Standard and Light Bearing below. I have the enigma claw on the back side right where it is supposed to be and the trex claw is not doing anything. Another option is to buy the PHLSTER Enigma Express Light-Bearing, which comes with the Floodlight2 already mounted to the Enigma. Order by 3PM CST for Same Day Shipping* Shipping As Low As $1. According to a recent Instagram post from Phlster, the light-bearing Enigma requires a ModWing L or a LightWing as well as the ability to attach two clips to the face of the holster. Legacy Firearms Co QUICK SHIP VEGA (IWB) + 8 reviews. I would just get a TLR1 or X300 and go with a PHLster Floodlight. A cursory search of the internet yielded a few articles on drawing from a tucked in shirt, most of them thinly veiled ads for the products that sponsored the. The Light Bearing Enigma Express is for guns with an attached weapon-mounted light (either the x300 or the TLR-1). doesn’t matter what size your pant belt loops are. If you are on Facebook, you can join the PHLster concealment group and get the best info and most specific info related to any Phlster products, especially the enigma. The PHLster Enigma, a BIG WIN! – Brian's Blog. Before ordering, measure your body carefully to make sure you choose the correct size. Use the square screw post and the short screws included with the Tenicor holster to mount it to the Enigma faceplate. For the light bearing Enigma, the clip will mount on the front …. I know this is going to be a super niche thread with very little interest (or like most of my gun related threads and zero interest ). If you want to carry multiple guns with Enigma Express, you'll need to buy PHLster Skeleton holsters for each one, but they. You can learn more about the possible adjustments below. I also like that I can use my same holster, and clip and unclip the holster from the Covert like can't be done with the Enigma. I'm not sure that I can say for sure. This is essentially a 'chassis' to mount a holster to . Everything is secure and flexible. Gear Review: Clip & Carry STRAPT. You could email Bravo to ask them the spacing for the holes for the claw/wing. I carry either a 19x or an m&p 4. It would also be leather against the body. This is a follow up video to my original "How to Appendix Carry for Fat Guys". The Enigma has a face plate, a belt …. For skinny guys to carry AIWB comfortably and successfully, you may have to make a few concessions, like most folks do. 5, and a Black Arch holster with the enigma. Homemade shit is either better or way worse. -The 1/2” side release buckle is a lot stronger than the buckle on my original PHLster. 5' 7" 225# with a Glock 35 in a phlster pro behind jersey shorts & a (bad-for-concealment) light/bright colored tee shirt: The Enigma is really the future of AIWB. All new non-light-bearing IWB (inside the waistband) PHLster holster shells are compatible with the standard Enigma faceplate. Stretchy plastic mid-layer keeps air in the pod and moisture out. PHLster Enigma | PHLSTER Kydex Holsters and Medical Accessories. Be prepared to spend a good amount of time adjusting and tweaking to get it to your level of satisfaction. 2 Hours in with the @phlster Enigma. Phlster won't have any holsters for a micro 1911 as far as I know. The Enigma™ is an appendix holster chassis system that uses a faceplate to attach a holster. How to Change eMod Inserts. I lift my arms above my head often throughout the work day exposing my waistline. Now with pockets! The Sport Belt improves comfort and provides additional support with an elastic back panel. Just throwing it out there for a holster designed for fat guys. 26:34 PHLster Enigma Launch Trailer. For men is it a Secret Satchel? T. So when I’m wearing shorts or any type of pants without belt loops I still put on my belt and kydex holster and draw my gun, and of course the belt rides up my body a bit before the gun is drawn from my holster. At the end of the day, here’s how I rate the PHLster ENIGMA; PRICE $84. 00 out of 5 $ 16; Floodlight OWB. Still getting accustomed to 4 o-clock with it. The PHLster Enigma is a truly forward-thinking design in an otherwise dull market of Kydex holsters that all tend to look and function identically. I have more of a gut than you, I am old, and have no issues. Here's how to install the Sport Belt on your Enigma Express. Support; Warranty; Become a Dealer; Find A Dealer. The optional Reduced Sized Buckle is smaller than the Fidlock buckle included with your Enigma. vin-clothor said: I had to look it up. One throws a punch the other shoots him. Using all of the same technology as the original Enigma, the Express arrives fully pre-assembled and ready to wear with either our Skeleton holster or our City Special revolver holster built. The Pants-Optional Holster: PHLster Enigma. The PHLster Enigma is designed to carry your “wing” equipped appendix carry holster without the need for an external belt or belt loops. Plus, with 1 additional deal, you can save big on all of your favorite products. I know @fnfalguy has the original Enigma and from the sounds of it really enjoys it. We refer to the “grip” or “slide” …. What do ">Attached my trex arms side car to a Phlster Enigma. SKU: X_PHL-0100-03 Category: Parts And Accessories. It feels sturdier against the body when using a lot of wedge, at least to me. Carry anywhere on the front of the body, between about 2:00 and 10:00. Hey everybody, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the Light Bearing Enigma (and the Enigma concept in general) as a bigger …. Anyone using the PHLster Enigma carry system with your Canik? If so, what holster company and model is working for you? I'm really interested in it after watching a dozen YT reviews, because it's independent of your pants / belt and is extremely concealable with even workout clothes. The pistol can be positioned on the front of the body anywhere from 10 to 2 o'clock. It has a LOT of good resources for concealment for any body type, and you can post photos of yourself with the holster on to get advice and guidance from people who really know there. 00:06 Introduction to PHLster Enigma Assembly 01:08 How Adjustable Retention Holsters Work 02:54 How the Fixed Retention Kit Works 04:40 Preparing Your Holster for Enigma Assembly. Copped one of the enigma’s on today’s restock to pair with my Glock 23. what holster would you use for a glock 19/tlr7a/rmr on a enigma rig? If not, I believe Henry’s Holster comes with a light bearing option and it’s pre-assembled (or just go with Phlster’s) Reply More posts from r/CCW. iirc, the owner of Phlster Jon Hauptman posted a comment saying the biggest reason is just physics and weight distribution. The new PHLster Skeleton for the G43/G43x/MOS should be available within the next week, and it's optimized for Enigma use and comes optic cut. The enigma requires lots of small adjustments and can be frustrating until you find the set up that works best for you, so just know that going in and it’s not like slapping a holster somewhere on your belt. I have the Enigma, but the holster hasn't come in yet. Click to see all of our gun reviews at the Lucky Gunner Lounge. Just curious if anyone has carried while whitewater rafting?? More specifically with the Phlster enigma. Crazyfarmerhd Discussion starter. Proprietary foam core made to match human tissue density. Initially, this “holster” looks like it. Instead of hooking on to your belt, the Enigma uses its own belt system to wrap around you independently. With different body types, preferences, comfort levels, and competency, finding the …. So I just got my Phlster Enigma (light bearing) in the other day. VAT; Shield Arms G43X/48 Premium Magwell-Black R 2,690. This PHLster holster is priced at $83. It's very comfortable once you get it adjusted the way you like it. The Enigma Sport Belt improves comfort and concealment. PHLster ENIGMA or eNiGmA or fuck it the instructional video was going to fast need to pause and rewatch. I'm in the bathroom now (where I assume most redditing takes place) so here. I believe the Enigma should work with any AIWB holster that has the Modwing, Darkwing, RavenWing or similar claw attachments with standard 5/8ths hole spacing. LIGHT BEARING ENIGMA OS FIT GUIDE. Phlster Enigma for Larger Guns : r/CCW. It’s basically replaced all the belt attached holsters I’ve used because of how well it conceals and how comfortable it is. PHLster Enigma Express P365/XL compatability : r/CCW. WTS] PHLster Enigma Express, CHPWS Glock (FL). For 7 - I prefer not using an enigma (mostly because of …. With that being said, PHLster launched a new Enigma model this morning …. We’ll be going for Memorial Day weekend. Compatible with non-light-bearing holsters which have a Modwing, Darkwing, RCS Vanguard wing, or other concealment claw/wing with a 5/8ths on center hole spacing below the trigger guard of the holster. I can 3-4oclock all day and no problems. Depending on what you carry, you might look into JX Tactical Fat Guy Holsters. Hellcat RDP w/ 507k, PHLster Enigma, spare mag. He posted pics a while ago from a Gabe white (I think, maybe it was MSP) class …. We’ve made it easier than ever to carry a Cipher holster with the PHLster Enigma system. Introducing our NEW Wedge Pack! These wedges will change the way you look at comfort and concealment. Help; Forum; Forum Home; FAQ; Calendar; Forum Actions. It’s massive and unnecessarily long to accommodate a full size p320 with a comp. Glock 43x TLR7 sub w/ an LB Phlster Enigma (EnigMOD leg leash) x LAS Concealment holster. My preferred carry weapon is a S&W MP Shield 9mm. No a Staccato P isn’t my carry gun but I figured I’d throw the chonkiest gun at it as a test. Most of those guys carry M&Ps and Glocks, with one carrying a compact 1911, so no FNs specifically. I still like my phlster pro and hidden hybrid iwb so they all have a place. 00 out of 5 $ 34 – $ 39; Instagram; Youtube; Facebook. This holster design is one described by the holster maker as “future-proof” meaning Floodlight users can get …. Older PHLster IWB shells are also compatible, but may require the addition of a ModWing or a Dark Wing, if they don’t already have one attached. The Enigma uses fixed retention because that's how it mounts the holster to it. Secure the gun with more stable belts and holsters. (Holster not included) FitPHLster holsters and many othersFit guide FitPHLster holsters and many othersFit…. Enigma Express Compatible Holsters. Make sure the top of the wing is roughly even with the faceplate. The QUICK SHIP ES (ENIGMA SHELL) HOLSTER The ES (Enigma Shell) was created to offer a shell to be used on the new Enigma system. New: PHLster Holsters' Enigma Concealment Chassis (Spoiler …. That is negligible if you practice drawing with the leg leash discarded. Our “Low Pro” design is the most concealable of the IWB holsters we make. I've been carrying for about 15 years. I've ran a vedder and guys will suggest them but I think they just haven't dropped the coin on a. It is rated pretty well for its intended purpose in my book - id say anyone stating it is "over" rated just wanted it to replace all other solutions. Too many people make compromises in the “concealed. There is no one size fits all solution for concealed carry. Combining this with a wedge might make a leg leash unnecessary. Specializing in AIWB holsters with customization and options. S&W Shield 9mm EZ Holsters. Cons of carrying with a red dot. Formed on CNC mold tooling from premium. AIWB for skinny and fat guys. I've made this abstract, generalized model to help explain what's going on, and how to solve it. Peak setup of comfortable and concealment Just picked up a LB Enigma today and I set it up to hold the RDP with a spare mag. I was pretty fond of this set-up; I wore out three of the belly bands from use. And it looks like it might allow the local board short-wearing, I-can-only-wear-a-G43-in-my-pocket poster to actually wear one of his myriad G19s with his board …. The Papoose is basically a cloth shroud which adds a bit of softness to the otherwise hard edges of the Enigma. The entire Classic product line was discontinued. I have a Hanks gun belt and an Enigma. I’m 6 foot 300 pounds and it is absolutely the most comfortable holster I’ve ever worn. For really deep concealment, “smart carry” holsters, belly band setups, and the new PHLster Enigma rig are pretty rad. It doesn’t have to be a phlster holster. It was designed around the Standard Enigma with the PHLster Pro holster, so shorter holsters (whose muzzle ends don’t extend below …. SKU: X_Enigma-Belt Category: Parts And Accessories. The Enigma waist band is not super comfortable against skin, and the leg leash that comes with it is basically a shoelace with impossible adjustments. I’m not saying the enigma is a bad product, I just have absolutely zero need for it and don’t understand the hype. Watch all the way through for al. Legacy Firearms Co QUICK SHIP TRITON DROP HOLSTER (OWB) + 8 reviews. Too many people make compromises in the "concealed. Floodlight2; Pro; PHLster T-Shirt. Shield vs Shield Plus Phlster Skeleton : r/CCW. Frequently, solid sidecar style holsters, such as the T. The STRAPT-TAC wraps around your body like a belly band, but you then use your own Kydex IWB holster with it. Getting something on par or better than an enigma will probably cost more from all the experimenting that will be required to get it right. After a bit of research, I decided to give the PHLster brand a try for my Glock 43X. I will, therefore, feel compelled to say something, when I see a P-F member saying that Phlster should confine their customer interaction to the zucker media universe. Once you're 100% sure you've got your Enigma belt or leg leash fully adjusted the way you want it, you can trim the excess tail as needed (leave at least 6-8" of extra belt) and sear it with a lighter to prevent fraying. Well, I think Fatman GRA is far better. Having read through the post, it convinced me to order one. Zip ur belt like a kore right where u want to carry gun. 99 for a holster), but time early on. Reply [NFA] YHM Fat Cat “Cat’s Ass” 5. It takes a bit of fiddling to get it right. So recently I picked up the Phlster enigma for the benefits of being able to wear any clothing while at the same time carrying my firearm securely. For more instructions on how to adjust and wear the leg leash, check out our comprehensive Enig. If you want a bare minimum holster, you can try the phlster skeleton or the phlster pro if you like the built in wedge and more attachment options. 0 is 1/2" for the clip and 1" for the claw. I see on your profile you have an M18, I would heavily recommend you get a quality weapon light for concealed carry, as half of all time is night time, and the time in which someone attacks you, a loved one, or someone else - …. Phlster skeleton (out of stock) I don’t have Facebook so I’m not sure what they’d recommend in that group. A Closer Look at the Enigma Holster. The Express also comes with our angled EMOD wing inserts already installed. Both cost less than the wedge kit. It reduces the buckle span by about 50%, which is helpful for smaller users. Sport Tuck Belly Band Holster Get your belly band holster set in one fell swoop with the Sport Tuck Belly Band Holster from Alien Gear Holsters! This product bundle gets you the Active Sport band plus the IWB of your choice, equipping you to carry with th. Flint w/ Enigma – AIWB Holster with the PHLster. Belt attachment holes - adjust grip tuck and rotation. Fully compatible with the Enigma OS. I just happen to randomly refresh the page and saw it was in stock. Generally for ccw aiwb is a very good option when you have a good setup for it, meaning a quality belt and holster that …. And the speed and accuracy you can gain with a red dot far outweigh the negatives when things go right. I also want to get an Phlster Enigma with a Phlster Skeleton holster, but I'm not sure which one. 11 Mission-Ready belt is proof of that concept. There is "stuff" south of the muzzle I don't want a 9mm hole in. Phlster Enigma vs magnetic gun belt and ulticlip : r/CCW. First off, these are my personal opinions and thoughts. For 7 - I prefer not using an enigma (mostly because of 1, 2, 5) if possible and just using a normal holster. The combination of the tulster oath and the enigma is the best carry package I’ve put together. It’s obvious, but our shells are made to work great with the Enigma. No, I use a PHLSTER Enigma belt. Interestingly, I later got an e. It’s the most comfortable out of the box kydex holster I’ve ever used. Our patent-pending ComfortScape™ technology makes the surface of the holster feel smooth and organic, while improving concealment as well as ventilation for all-day wear. The Enigma has a face plate, a belt-like strap, and a unique "leg leash" or smaller strap to be worn around your thigh. Custom Kydex holsters and tactical gear, hand-made in the USA. A game changer in belt free carry? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Special thanks to Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters. check out @demonstratedconceptsllc4918 for more info on deep carry. The Sagax Lux and Malus Sol bolt right up to the light bearing Enigma using the hardware which comes with the Tenicor holster. • The Phlster Concealment Workshop Facebook page. They have a holster called the Beacon that is compatible with the Glock 43 w/ TLR 6. Initial thoughts on the Phlster Enigma : r/CCW. The word, “enigma” means something puzzling, mysterious or baffling. Designed to push your holster system into your body for . My enigma about the Phlster enigma. QUICK SHIP PHLSTER ENIGMA™ HOLSTER + 1 reviews. Enigma Express with a DCC Mod4 Universal clip. I have the wedge kit as well but I’m still having a hard time. The faceplates are streamlined and minimalist, while still allowing for a wide range of adjustment. This will set the Nylock, making it easier to attach your Enigma belt later. Concealed Carry Shirts and Pants for Fat Guys. Edit: upon some research, it seems that the 43 and 43X are pretty much interchangeable in. Phlster enigma : r/concealedcarry. First Look: Enigma IWB Handgun Holster from PHLster. It bit into my side and stomach anywhere I put it. I carry AIWB with a hellcat pro in a Mckinnatec Talon right around the 1230 area or a 365 12 or 15 rd extended in a Phlster Enigma around the same area. I would also look into the Phlster Enigma as an option. Enigma Holster System by Phlster: Field Tested and Approved ">Enigma Holster System by Phlster: Field Tested and Approved. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 154 Quick View Select options. The Phlster Pro will be available from Hailstorm for Glock (G17,G19,G26,G48,G43X,G43) and SIG P320 , from next week. Review: Does The PHLster Enigma Express Holster Live up to …. When you press down against your rubber band, the tape will help prevent rotation. Comes fully assembled with the Standard Enigma, Emod Modwing (a $13 value) and your choice of the standard Enigma belt or an upgraded PHLster Sport Belt (+$38) ***Standard belt-attachments and hardware not included with Enigma builds (soft loops …. It attaches to the faceplate with four screws. 94 out of 5 based on 54 customer ratings (54 customer reviews) Gun Model: Attachment: Sweatguard: Clear: Vibra-Tite Threadlocker. @CitizenPrayer, Have you looked at the PHLster Enigma? It is a carry rig that does not use a belt, it kind of has it's own rig and might . But I can run the gun over around 2:00 and it hides pretty well. The belt ships with a very generous length at 46 inches and can be easily trimmed to fit. Black, OD Green, Tan, Wolf Gray. Vibra-Tite VC-3: Our recommended solution for locking your holster hardware in place. This is not a recommendation since I'm still getting used to it (after 6 months).