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Hermione Kidnapped At Birth FanfictionTheo's voice—Hermione recognized. Summary: At 32 weeks pregnant with twins, Harry pops, and then the magic that ties them all together sends them all into labor one after another. Minerva grabbed at her abdomen as another searing pain rushed through her. When Dumbledore discovers that Hermione is The Dark Lord's daughter and is working against the light, he vows to use the lies she's told against her and tie her loyalties to the Order. Waiting For the Rose to Bloom Chapter 7: Rosebud, a harry. After an hour of playing Hermione was hungry so she whimpered. Side note- Theodre is married to daphnane but daphnane is …. During Harry's 4rth year, Dumbledore discovers the truth. The Kidnapping of Hermione Granger Chapter 1, a. They decide to split and talk again once he's back in England. Parvati ended up pregnant with Lestrange's child. After school, Hermione got a job in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in the Ministry of Magic. When a flood at home forces Draco and a heavily pregnant Hermione to move into the Manor it gives Hermione a chance to bond with both of her In-laws. Jun 17, 2022 · madden 2003 player ratings news General harry and. "Ok Ginny you know the drill" said a …. Monday morning, he thought he had it figured out, and decided that the only way to prove it was to try to walk outside, which he had yet to do. The first stage could last for up to three days. She really was upset by Hugo's arrival. Hermione giggled but then stopped when the other woman cried out in pain again. Draco was a bit angry since it was 3 am and she woke him up to talk. It isn't common knowledge that Druella and Cygnus Black had a fourth daughter. R&R! Title: The Kidnapped Daughter Amera NB: They hired a midwife instead of going to the hospital. When Hermione Granger signs up for magical ballet classes alongside him in Third Year - an artform that's traditionally pureblood-only - he has no idea that. She sighed and then looked at her watch smiling and counting to herself 5-4-3-2-1. But what if he had a sister, who no one even bothers to mention, just because she doesn't have a lightning bo Ivy Evans, Slytherin, 6th Year, Harry Potter's twin sister, little to her and Harry's knowledge. Bellatrix stopped the curse, leaving Hermione panting and sobbing on the floor, and walked to her. Mungo’s would also be arriving in a few moments; she said she only had to collect her equipment before Flooing to the Weasley Castle. "Ron should be home in an hour," Hermione said to herself. He crossed the floor over to Harry. There were hundreds of lights that were. "Good Hermione, keep going, the shoulders are out!" the doctor announced. Hermione collapsed against the pillows, eyes closed, as the attending assistant announced, "It's a girl!". The only problem is that she has two of them. Ginny shuddered to think what would . In my mind I described it in story book form, then BOOM! Light bulb went off, and out popped this. For centuries, non-magical people who knew of the magical world settled in the village. Hermione chased after her and grabbed hold of her arm. " Hermione said" Okay then , lets go. Suddenly the fireplace roared and out stepped his sister with two people. -The first few chapters will be a bit like the first few chapters of my other story, A Marauder's Daughter, in that they'll be faster paced so you'll be able to see the important parts of Hermione's first few years of school before the story slows down and really starts to take root in fourth/fifth year. They've been trying for a while now, but life keeps getting in the way. Hermione looked up at them both with a hesitant fear in her eyes. "I'd rather not talk about it," he replied. With a sudden burst of energy, catching Draco off-guard, Hermione managed to push them both away from the wall. Imagine a life where James and Lily were in coma's for 10 years after the attack on them, Sirius never went to Azkaban, Harry is still the chosen one and is returning to Everyone knows Harry Potter, yet no one has heard of his little sister, Lily-Kathryn Hazel Potter. Scorpius was facing her, his face scrunched up in frustration as he attempted to escape his father's obviously tight grasp. Hermione Kidnapped At Birth Fanfiction Dramione Club house mickey mouse games. Pentru ca site-ul să poată fi folosit în cele mai bune condiții, vă informăm că sunt folosite tehnologii precum modulele cookie. FanFiction">Waiting For the Rose to Bloom Chapter 7: Rosebud. He was led to what used to be one of the corridors but was now just scattered pieces of rubble. Ron asked his two-year-old daughter. Albus and Severus know she's not, but don't/can't(?) rescue her. Enjoy! Rating: T (probably PG-13) Pairing: none, for now :) Summary: What if Hermione is adopted? She finds this out in her 6th year, so she is 16. She didn't even stir as he walked to her bedside. You would be angry too if you found out you were switched at birth by someone you despise. Hermione took her usual seat at the table, across from her dad, to wait for breakfast. Zabini Heiress ~ Dramione by HH_2000. Bellatrix spilled the location about Hufflepuff's cup. Hermione was trying to take in all the new information, she was kidnapped at birth, she had a twin sister, a younger sister, her parents were not actually her parents which was …. Bellatrix rounded on him with her wand, trying to kill him before he could get near her, but her wand flew out of her hand, and into Harry's. His mother sees a connection between her son and the muggleborn that she can't ignore and determines to get to know the girl. She read the letter and smiled. SSHG Review is a Snape / Hermione fanfic review archive with recommendations, lists, and ratings of epic length (100k+) and completed HGSS fanfiction. Shortly after the events of the Breach, Ruby was kidnapped by Salem and her morals twisted to become the envoy of lust and evil. Dear Hermione, Meet me in the astronomy tower at 10 PM tonight. Ongoing and long Playing With Fire: Harry gets found out as a Horcrux and kidnapped near the end of year five. Glaring at Harry's look of surprise and Hermione's worried look, Ron sneered, "Well that's fine. Draco scurried forth and deposited the wicked instrument into Bellatrix's outstretched palm. Kidnapped, a harry potter fanfic. Turning to the back wall, he waved his hand, pointing at the wall. Hecate gave him knowledge of a wizard. Prologue: How Hermione was Kidnapped. " Sitting down on the small beanbag she liked the use, Rose turned her back to Ron, refusing to look at him or the baby he was holding. Hermione sniffled into the deathly quiet room, and Lucius Malfoy eyed her disdainfully. a voice called from the front desk. "Okay, I'll be there in 15 minutes. Harry and Ginny are getting married tomorrow afternoon. Albus and Severus know she's not, but …. You would be sad too if suddenly your mother comes bringing news that devastate you. Malfoy: Unknown By: MzMalfoy - M, 26 Chapters - When our 3 heroes are captured and taken to Malfoy Manor, the only way Harry and Ron can escape Voldemort is to abandon Hermione… her rescue comes from an unexpected savior. He just doesn’t understand why helping Draco is important to her, but Fred does. Never in his life did he think he'd ever be here, watching his wife give birth to their child. Neville was far calmer in class when he’d already made the potion semi-successfully before, and Hermione got her urge to tutor out of the way before class. The raven flew through the open window on the first floor of a blue two-story house in London. By Reason of Birth Chapter 1 The Letter, a harry potter fanfic. Can't Help Who You Love, Volume 2 Chapter 19, a harry. Summary: Hermione's memory is missing something, including the details on how she became pregnant. THE DEVIL TWIN DRAGON AND CHAOS by hellowerewolf1. As his Aunt Bellatrix egged him on, his confidence grew. When I need you the most Chapter 1: The Unwanted. Hermione, Fleur and Bellatrix's share a mark, the a dark blue dragon with its wings. EXTENDED SUMMARY:Hermione is about a month into her last year at Hogwarts when she's …. The story explores the enduring impact of Lily Potter, Harry's mother, on his destiny, as her unyielding love and courage continue to shape his path. At Gringotts, Harry begins a plan. The Breaking of Hermione Granger Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. He couldn't believe this was happening. Part 3 of Draco Malfoy is a kinky man. In the middle of the war all of the members of the Order of the Phoenix had taken some form of shelter at Grimmuald Place. Being cooped up in that cottage day after day was beginning to grate on her nerves, it was so bad that taking Harry to the clinic. Severus looked down at the bundle in his arms in absolute awe. She took a deep breath and said, "I'm pregnant. Hermione was thrown into an underground basement (or dungeon, she wasn't sure what to call it) not long after. He wanted to see his daughter born. The brunette still looked shaken but she heaved a huge breath before telling him the whole story. She had just spent the past couple of hours packing for her annual trip to the Burrow; the home of two of her best friends, and she was ready to relax. "My name is Dorea Potter and," the woman, Dorea, paused and took a shuddering breath. The Lost Twin ( Harry Potter Fanfic). " Hermione opened the door to the hospital wing and let Minerva go through first. One day she gets kidnapped, and the Ministry demands that she bear heirs for Harry Potter due to a prophecy of their blood saving the existence of magic. Lily was sick and tired of people calling her baby "the boy who lived" so she. Sabrina Walker is an Adopted 18 years old Girl who loves her Cello and grades. One man can never know too much of his own destiny. Hermione Gives Birth, a harry potter fanfic. Her feathers puffed up as she looked around from her perch on the colourful, twinkling lights that were strung in zigzags across the wide street, swaying in the breeze. FanFiction">Coming Into Winter Chapter 27: Big Sister, a. I think the best Dark Purist Harry fanfic I’ve read have to be “The Marriage Contract” and “The Beguile and Devotion of the Black Heir” which are both Rabastan x Harry. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 8 - Words: 5,016 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 72 - Follows: 114 - Updated: Aug 6, 2013. Each and every death was pointless, but Snape's death seemed so unutterably useless. She wanted to go back to a normal life and finish her studies so she could get the job she wanted. Hermione's First Pregnancy Chapter 1: Christmas Eve Gift. "Happy Birthday Hermione Granger My Wonderful Amazing Brilliant Older Sister!". "Professor," Hermione whispered in his ear, "What are you doing?" "Saving your life," he hissed before lightly biting her earlobe. Hermione's entrance into the Yule Ball is one of the most iconic moments of the entire franchise. Being her father's daughter is one thing. After the war had finished, and all the death-eaters had been rounded up, the two of them had officially begun seeing each-other. Behind her, the statue of the hump-backed witch clicked shut behind the two young students now safely on their way down the secret passage out of Hogwarts to Honeydukes. She felt the strange weight of him settle against her breasts as he continued to cry, his little feet coming up slightly as if he wanted to kick her in the kidney again. Ron Weasley merged into the crowd of Hogwarts' students. "Now, go Apparate yourself back to the Ministry of Magic and await your death, you filthy bastard. I'm 10 bloody weeks pregnant!' She shouted back at him. Sirius was able to prove he was not the secret keeper and he took custody of Harry and raised him. Hermione's Capture Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. After she is rescued she discovers she is pregnant and the birth Dark Hermione! - AgnMag. The Kidnapping of Hermione Granger Chapter 1, a harry. Harry, Ron and Hermione sat at a table in the Gryffindor common room, doing their homework. Even if so few believed the dark lord was back, she knew he was. The Unexpected Heir by CaseyLove. It's time to head to the muggle-born homes to talk about the up coming term. Harry is rescued from the Dursley's aged 7 and befriended by Hermione. "This book has thrown some light on the make-up of people, and has suggested that Kurbs-blood may have a genetic basis. He ran up the stairs and towards the hospital wing while Ron and Harry stayed there on the floor laughing. Hermione Granger awoke one morning to the sounds of yelling and screaming, she fell asleep that night known as Kat Jean Snape the long lost daughter of ,yes you guessed it Severus Snape himself. For all Harry knew was that no girl had been born in his family forever. After that, Harry is forced to learn how to survive the violent and surreal reality of Voldemort's everyday life, and try his best to make it back to Hogwarts in one piece. After staring at the paper for two very long minutes Minerva saw tears streaking her face. "You were kidnapped in the beginning while Voldomort attacked the Potter's at the end of the month. Fall for Hermione Chapter 1: Attempt at attention, a harry. It clung to Hermione, and she screamed in agony as her body melted and warped into horse shape, until she was a shiny green mare herself! 00O00 The giant mason was perturbed when his great golden stallion was distracted by the sight of a bright green mare stumbling clumsily out of the Forbidden Forest as if she were unused to walking on …. Kidnapped (A/N: not to spoil but I'm honestly killing Harry in this chapter. This is Why Chapter 115, a harry potter fanfic. Ron was his father, not anyone else. But after they get married, everything changes. "The muggle born, Hermione Granger. It was that night that felt so long ago. Hermione looked at her confused. 'What's the one thing Harry Potter cannot do without' He thinks. Severus was breathing just as hard as Hermione when he leaned forward again to see the rest of the birth. And also Pro-Lucius/Narcissa and Pro-Ron and Harry :D (I love Ron. However, she decides not to let this new development affect her live at all. As he enters a new chapter of his life, Harry faces fresh challenges and mysteries. "And, of course, now you get to introduce your family to your wealthy, successful businessman boyfriend. Hermione Granger back for 6th year. Fanfic: Wicked Game Ch 22, Harry Potter. Hermione’s Fantastical Breeding. "You're insane if you think I'm going to drink your silly little potion. "Vikki!" Hermione screeched, bowling after her in some desperate attempt to reach the five year old before …. Ron glanced at Hermione, who looked more exhausted than concerned that their daughter hadn't wanted anything to do with her baby. Voldemort did kill Harry's parents, but he was also destroyed completely. Hermione looked disoriented and wild, while Ron looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. The two weeks day brought new challenges. He is the epitome of perfection. He told her she was beautiful, surprising her. Hermione tried to supress a few tears that formed in her eyes and attempted to struggle free. Her intent was not to hit a vein and kill herself, but to relieve some pressure. Hermione looked down at her son and thought of his Father, her eyes began to mist but she fought against it. Inside the room, Lucius Malfoy had gone into labor. Sure enough, a tall thin woman in long emerald robes hung down to her feet entered the room. Percy Jackson is betrayed by Annabeth. It is to Monsters and Mudbloods in that Draco kidnaps Hermione. "Thanks sweetie, I used a recipe your mum gave me," she replied. Everybody began to file out of the kitchen, until there was only her, Fred and Harry. Harry hated travelling by floo, it always left him disorientated and covered in soot. She longed for peace and quiet to envelop the head dorm so she could complete the. Weasley letting out the occasional pained cry. Best friend with Voldemort's obsession. I decided I give them a 2 minute head start before I go to my dorm. An Unexpected Malfoy Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. A New Beginning Chapter 2: Birth, a harry potter fanfic. "Bombarda Maxima!" As the wall exploded, Harry shielded his face with his hands. The last push his needed was from Professor Snape, when his professor stepped up and said, "No," Draco knew the older man would take Dumbledore's life. A bundle wrapped in numerous blue blankets held a baby boy by the name of Draco. A Different Halloween Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Life without Hermione would be meaningless and empty. We cannot wait to see you on the first of September. For Ginny the last few months had been particularly tough as she'd been up at Hogwarts while all the drama had been going on. Hermione Granger is a writer who wishes to write a romantic love story. The reunion was actually being held at Hogwarts and transport was being laid on from Hogsmeade. "Goodnight, baby," Ron whispered. "The Potters were no saints, dear Rosaline. Hermione began to cry again and when Fred attempted to rap her in to his arms she pulled away. Alexandra By: Gallopin' Gorgons. Harry is in his sixth year at Hogwarts and Ginny her fifth. The shouts and laughter of children drifted on the air, reaching the bird as she flicked her wings. Lucius had a meeting to attend and left the two witches in Hermione's room, kissing her goodbye before dashing off. -Hermione and Draco are NOT related. The blade was sharper than she had realized. However, it is significantly darker and includes a LOT of sexual violence and rape (by Draco). **ONE-SHOT** Hermione and Draco are happily married and expecting their first child. A smut collection written by MrsRen that is specifically focused on triads. "Nothing my lord," he said quietly. Hermione Granger came out of the fireplace. Et quand les sentiments reviennent, ça peut faire mal, très mal. He waited a long time by the Slytherin stands, amusing himself by drawing pictures in the safety sand pit with a small stick. Watch as the Slytherin's become involved. Hermione stood in silent tears among the crowd of redheads that she considered her second family. Hermione's legs, however, was under the dark witches. A Hermione Granger who was kidnapped from her family to a Mudblood school ran by Umbridge, before joining force with a determined!Harry Potter from a broken . I looked back, Ben looked upset. Chapter 1: Sleepovers (Alternate Version) Nappies for Hermione, Chapter 1. Will it be in end of Nathan? Will it be in end of Nathan? Crossover - Harry Potter & Metalocalypse - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 277 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 4 - Published: 9/3/2009 - Hermione G. "Damn" she cursed as she ducked behind a suit of armor, blood dripping from her wrist. His board shoulders, slim form and tone muscles make her wish that he was not Draco Malfoy. As soon as the Snatchers captured them, she knew that they were in trouble. As in Deathly Hallows, Voldemort casts the killing curse and Harry 'dies', only to be resuscitated by Ron and Hermonie. Except when blondie had decked her kidnapper and smashed a vase into the head of Katie's kidnapper. -----The summer was soon over and before she knew it, Hermione was back in school for her fifth year. Shutting the door behind him, she pulls him along to the kitchen. Hermione pulls her hair up off of her neck and opens the door slightly and pulls a Holyhead Harpies hoody over her head. Voldemort still goes to kill the Potters, but this time he is trying to get information on where Draco Malfoy is. He watched as the light in his wife's eyes began to dim, until finally, she fell unconscious to the rest of the world. Example: a world where Tom Riddle died at birth and was never a threat. Turns out, Hermione didn't go to the ball with Viktor Krum, due to her wariness of the Durmstrang students she saw during the first task. Seeing Dumbledore there, which seemed like the lesser of. Brushing themselves off, Narcissa and Lucius walked into the kitchen and saw Hermione standing behind the kitchen island, wearing a grey, long sleeved shirt. Well, his owl eating his rat, that is. This is a Gryffindor/Slytherin pairing story that will show corruption in those we believe to be good and compassion in those we believe to be evil. The Order of the Phoenix kidnapped baby Draco Malfoy, and he somehow ended up at an orphanage on July 31 in 1880. It was the pleasant dreams more than a sense of duty that saw Harry at the Beauxbatons carriage the next Saturday morning. She's accepted a post-doctorate position at the university that she loves, doing the research that she loves; she's practically living with fashion designer Narcissa Black; and Draco and Harry - now two of her best friends - are getting married. Chapter One Hermione Granger lay sprawled out on her stomach with a book in front of her. Rowling has filled in some blanks regarding Hermione's life in the years since the series ended. Hermione, Harry, and Ron as still friends but Harry is more adjusted. Hermione thrashed against the chains that bound her arms. I'm yours Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Her main goal was to fight for the …. Hermione clung to him until the pain subsided. Hermione ran onto the landing, but crashed into Sirius. She is not the most popular girl at Ridgewood High School. I just couldn't believe Harry had kidnapped me. 'Mum, dad, I got an owl from Harry this morning, he wants to know if I can meet him and Ron in Diagon Alley on the 19th of August. He shrugged "It needed doing, she was a missrible cow" he winked. Her birth was prophesied by Sophronia Lestrange in the 1200s as the first to wed a Malfoy and bridge our two ancient lines. Harry runs a top-secret wizarding operation and was given the opportunity to work for the school. But maybe everyone isn't who they seem to be. "And one more time - it's almost out!" She pushed once more, her face red with effort. Even though Hermione was a witch, her parents weren't. See how Harry is raised by his Uncle and Aunt who love and support him, effect him and his time at Hogwarts. There’s a fic where a Hermione replacement ends up in Slytherin. Harry had said so, and she would believe him. , Emmett, Rosalie, Garrett - Chapters: 9 - Words. "These smell good love," praised Ron when she put his own plate in front of him. Six years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Auror Hermione Granger activated a mysterious dark object, which unexpectedly sent her decades into the past. They'd talked about children, of course, and both agreed they wanted around three, but they hadn't decided when, or hadn't even …. Hermione was being set extra work for finishing the homework in class. "Well can you please bring Draco-". There were hundreds of lights that were sparkling from the. 7 Hermione's Yule Ball Entrance. Not a single soul would expect that she had been ill-treated by him…. While offering his unwavering support, the two fall in love. And, while he may have put up a small fight in the beginning of their relationship, holding this little baby in his arms, he knew he wouldn't change a thing. Ongoing Mi Aedijekit: Harry gets found out as a Horcrux sometime during year seven, is forced to drink the Draught of the Living Death, and wakes up 1000 years latter. " Pansy let out a small grunt of pain and said softly. Hermione knew that children needed a father, but she still could not bring herself to tell him. When Hermione's Gryffindor pride gets in the way of her giving him what he wants, Draco thinks back to when they. Hermione was actually a witch, but to be exact, she was what the Wizarding world would call a Muggleborn witch. When he is captured by the dark and it is revealed, new truths will come to light and an old rivalry will come to an end. Every muscle in Hermione's body begins to ache painfully. When Hermione is captured by Snatchers during her adventure with Harry and Ron, she is brought directly to the Dark Lord. I had already been a horrid mother to Hugo, but I didn't see what other choice I had. After a quick bath, they went to bed until the next morning, 1 September. There would be snogging and silliness. I'm also not going to become a death eater. Her toes were barley touching the floor and her wrists were bound above her head by a chain that apparently was attached to the ceiling. Although it is hard to read at times, it is generally a compassionate fic about the struggles people face in recovering from such events. Fred and George, finding her crying one day, decide Falling in love: Hermione is watching quidditch, again. [Each chapter is a request from tumblr. It took but a glance at the ivory face before her, in all its gleefully malicious glory, for her to know that it was time. Hermione and Ron await the birth of their second child, but things aren't as peaceful as they'd hoped. "See you both in the morning!" She heard a faint goodnight from each of them as she entered her modest room and shut the door behind her. Hermione and Severus stared at the infant as Healer Bray handed him over, cradling his head gently and tucking him into Hermione's arms. Hermione's All That Chapter 19: Kiss and Kill, a harry. Blind Affection, a harry potter fanfic. They said their good byes, Harry noticed Iris slip her daughter two pink vials, while he was shaking Lord Greengrass hand. Poor boy, he tells us he has Potter tied to his bed and then doesn't think he kidnapped him. Mungo's, and Draco at DM Enterprises Inc. The Kidnapped Skywalker By: missingSkywalker. nini-june said: You’re probably thinking of the “His Little Bird” series by The WanderingWanderersDaughter. kidnapping and only survived a few days. Summary- She had always known she was adopted, and for many years she had also known that she would be returned to her birth family, but she had no idea what family she belonged to. A silhouette appeared in that rectangular light with the stature of a man with. Rescued Chapter 2: Loving a Monster, a harry potter fanfic. He slapped her across the face. An unexpected connection is found between Hermione and Professor Snape, but that's only the start of her headaches. Hermione would show up on occasion with a few cuts and bruises, but no one could prove anything. ‘Kidnapped by Death Eaters’ creates the same artificial intimacy as ‘Marriage Law’ fics and the romance is not allowed to grow slowly and organically. Later, when the Goblet of Fire spits out Harry's name, Dumbledore is …. In the final battle against Voldemort, Harry chose not to go back. Exactly one month before her return to school. She'd faced Voldemort, this couldn't be any worse. "How big was it?" Hermione asked. But it was now obvious to him that she wasn't just Hermione Granger, she'd been born Calliope Nott. "What? Lily and James were good people!" Hermione said. Hermione was also heavily involved with the Order as she spent so much time with her two best friends. "Shadows of Loyalty: Hermione's Struggle for Light" is a gripping tale of Hermione Granger, who unexpectedly finds herself kidnapped by Death Eaters. Trying to protect the Philosopher's Stone, Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort, who uses Legilimency on him and learns that he is a Horcrux. Harry was by the fireplace, trying to get a hold of Ron, who naturally seemed to have disappeared. When she finally opened her eyes, she realized that she needn't have bothered. He suddenly felt that Hermione was not asleep beside him. Draco said, "I don't want to do this just as much as you do. She struggled to keep her eyes open and retain consciousness but needed to know what was happening. There was never any love or anything. " The door to the cell was opened and light flooded the blackness in a rectangular shape. Wearing her beautiful pink dress, Hermione descends the large staircase in front of her classmates, and latches onto the arm of Viktor Krum. For the first time Hermione turned her mind off and enjoyed the feelings of pleasure coursing through her body. This excited her to no end because now she would be able to take her apparation test. "And for following your dreams. Convicted of her crimes in the lead up to and during the war, Hermione Granger is carted off to serve life in Azkaban. 4 MONTHS LATER- MAY 1st, Hermione's Due Date-- "Why won't this baby leave my body already!" Hermione screamed with Draco beside her as they …. Disclaimer: I don't own anything! It's a Kid!Fic with a twist. She had just spent the past couple of hours packing for her annual trip to the …. Hermione Granger whimpered at the pain as she was jerked back onto her feet by her hair. He was bound hand and foot, and gagged because he. He felt the coldness slip threw his clothes (which were actually quite thin) and his arms and legs strapped down to the table. It was a hot night in Godric's Hollow at the end of July. She had long red hair and green eyes, she went to Harry and cradled him. A Light In The Darkest Shadow by shy-n-great (Rated K+) [AU] COMPLETE fanfiction. " She left the room and a minute later returned with her husband. Hermione continued, she turned to water off quickly before grabbing Bellatrix's waist and pulling the two of them together, making their breasts press together. Rowling Relationship: Hermione Granger/Other (s) Characters: Hermione Granger Emma Watson (Actor) Additional Tags: Rape/Non-con Elements Scat Torture Gang Rape Hardcore Anal Underage Rape/Non-con Sexual Slavery Face-Fucking Skull Fucking Vaginal Sex Fisting Bestiality Object Insertion Object Penetration Rough Sex Rough Oral Sex. She could tell that she was blindfold and that she was chained somewhere drafty, possibly a dungeon. Part 2 is called “His Persephone”, part 3 is simply “His” and. Taking a seat in the overstuffed armchair that resided in the Heads common room, Hermione settled back with one of her pregnancy books, reading the chapter on labour and delivery. Illusion of light is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Hermione could have sworn that she felt the baby stir after he did. He knew that he and Ginny would be the first Potter couple to bore a daughter. A far cry from the unhinged version of him she'd seen at St. He was still trying to tamper his own allurements so as not to make her feel later as though he had taken advantage of her, his original "sending" for her would already be mistake enough!. "Tell me, mirror, of my future. The Kidnapped Daughter Chapter 2, a harry potter fanfic. She had been a bit reluctant at first, but she had relented. Warning: This is a fem!Harry who is not actually a Potter story, in this she finds out that she is a Malfoy, kidnapped by James, Lily and Dumbledore after the real fem!Harry died. Chapter 1: The Great Zabini Tragedy. You want me to send Albus an owl about the baby. Hermione started weeping in her tormentor's arms She cried at being trapped. Hermione Granger has been living in fantasy land for so long but life has a way of throwing you for a loop, who knew Draco Malfoy would be the perfect man to explore her fantasies with. Hermione is kidnapped by snatchers. Hermione is kidnapped by Fenrir Greyback. They've waited for this, tried for this, for so long that Hermione cries before she has the chance to tell him and he guesses from her smiling face and tears. Kidnapped! Chapter 2, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. " Arthur replied, "But the last time this happened it ended up being a trap. How does the brains of the Golden Trio, the proud muggleborn. Every once in a while I'll add in a Harry Adventure to spice it up but the majority of the stories put . ] [Explicit Sexual Content, Individual Warnings and Tags Inside Each. Albus Dumbledore had asked him to check on Hailey Potter to make sure that she was okay after witnessing the Dark Lord's return a month ago, and had manipulated him into agreeing. We were at it like rabbits during our honeymoon. Can he wait until the birth of the next Malfoy heir to find out?. "Miss Granger, quickly child, put the ring on Mr Malfoy's finger," McGonagall said urgently, once again consulting the hour glass. " The red-haired young man still didn't move even after Hermione shook him forcefully. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby cradle and all. The point of the explosion was achieved, as Ron got the distraction he needed to grab the pillows from the couch. Kidnapped Chapter 1: Introduction, a harry potter fanfic ">Kidnapped Chapter 1: Introduction, a harry potter fanfic. Ron shot a death glare at his best mate, quietly wheeling his very pregnant wife into the room. She panted, struggling against the tight folds of the sheets. "It's happening! This is my dream!" "Hermione, go up to the top floor, into Buckbeak's room, he'll protect you. I am looking for a Harry Potter fanfiction. Her family lived very comfortably. It was a few days into the start of the year and they were already snowed under. What Happened To Hermione Granger After Harry Potter Ended. She read a book to pass the time until it was almost 10. Laughing, Harry remembered the fiasco the previous year at the zoo! The morning started as well as it could have and for the. She took a deep, steadying breath, and gently cut. "And don't think men you meet won't wonder what you have that made me fall for you. I haven't seen her for so long that I barely even remember what she looked like. If you don't, anyone might try to jam themselves inside her. I'll just take my fat ass and leave you two alone. Razor's Edge Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Both were enjoying married life immensely. Later, he would learn that they were called Death Eaters. Sirius, Remus, Weasley family, Draco Malfoy, Luna, Dudley, Voldemort, Snape Surprises, couples, friendships, maybe even babies. Now I'll finally know for certain who kidnapped me!. She groped behind her for her wand but touched a leather boot instead. NB: They hired a midwife instead of …. The Souvenir Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a harry potter fanfic. Rescue me Chapter 1: Locked up, a harry potter fanfic. In the dream a women with blonde stared lovingly down at her, beside her stood a man with black hair, he had one arm around the women and in the other he held a little girl. Harry pushed Ron and Hermione to the ground and landed beside them hard as red sparks flew past his right ear. And I always thought Charlie had a thing for men. When it began to swell and pulse inside her, her own orgasm overwhelmed her …. ' Draco replied as he sat on the edge of Hermione's double bed placing his head in his hands. What happens when she meets the. Simultaneously, a war looms on the. I, Draco Malfoy, am not a murderer. And then he picked her up, and they wandered to an empty, unused classroom, and they… well, they did it. The Zabini's still believe their daughter is alive, they offer a prize for whoever finds her which is 50,000 galleons , now there is a photo of Anastasia that was conviently taken the day she was kidnapped. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong (#1) Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. Narcissa Malfoy has a secret, that only she, her son and his cousin Luna Lovegood know about. Hearing the Loss, a harry potter fanfic. Hermione Granger, Gryffindor's Good Girl, Head Girl, Cleverest Witch of her Age, Nice to even the lowest of the low, Charity starter, Best Friend, Savior of the World, Best Auror in the makingWanted for MURDER. " If she hasn't by now, she probably wont until another hour or so. Bellatrix came from the kitchen holding tea in her hand. She hadn't expected to be intruded upon that night, she had only wanted to cut away the loneliness, sorrow, pain, everything, anything, it didn't matter anymore, just one more cut…. Harry And Hermione's 10 Best Interactions In The Harry Potter …. Because of course, a nursery was meant to contain a child. Hermione closed her eyes, blotting out the light. A oneshot sequel will be up soon, as requested. She was only a few days old when Voldemort killed her parents. One day, Hermione wakes up in a cold dark dungeon with little recollection of what lead her to be there. Hermione had gotten used to being treated like this by the end of the first week and already, escaping was just lingering in her mind. Hermione looked at the picture of the little girl she was adorable, she had chestnut hair, it was silky and done in two high ponytails at. Two Death Eaters parted to allow their master to approach the bound boy. As she walked glumly into Ginny room, she was about to ask what happened, when she saw the tears in Hermione's eyes. " She closed her eyes "But lately all my dreams have been nightmares". Hermione Granger wakes five years after the war to a baby crying outside her door. She held her son tightly and walked around the room, singing to him. The second Ginny found out Hermione was Hermione back before she gave birth. Hermione prayed for the sanity of their sitter. Hermione shivered, she hated this, she hated the screams. She couldn't disapparate; she couldn't leave Ron and Harry in the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Family - [Draco M. She could hear their voices echoing from the corridor, their footsteps growing louder by the second, the door to her dungeon cell slowly creaking open. A raven-haired boy dressed as a cupid showing up bleeding at her doorstep on Halloween, for example. The Marriage Law COMPLETE by AJ. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,469 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 2 - Published: Sep 3, 2004 - Harry P. Coming Into Winter Chapter 27: Big Sister, a harry potter fanfic. The cruel, clutching hand that fisted her locks was unrelenting and demanded she retake her feet in spite of the pain of being Crucioed again and again. Hermione's heartbeat slowed, her tears fell slower, but the pain of losing Fred was just as strong. "I don't think he would joke about something like this, Ron. Please Review! Stepping Into Darkness by cleotheo - T, 19 chapters - While at Grimmauld Place, Hermione Granger overhears a secret that rocks her entire world and changes her life forever. Hermione's summer before her seventh year was about a month in, and the weather was in rare form. If the rest of her family hadn't approved, they'd kept it to themselves. "There you two are," Hermione said putting Rose's plate of boneless ribs in front of her. Relief flooded over her when he spoke. She closed the door behind them, and Harry and Ron sat down in front of her bed as Hermione started to pace in front of them. When Dobby arrives to rescue Harry and his friends from Malfoy manor, Bellatrix doesn't let Hermione go and they are forced to leave her behind. She flipped over and crawled somewhere else to play with her toys. " Harry couldn't believe his ears. Hermione Granger and the Paradigm Shift Chapter 1, a harry. Hermione had guessed that number five would be the easiest of all; surely Astoria's body had it down by now, but that was not the case. Hermione considers her options and makes her choice, it just wasn't the one they were expecting. Madam Pomfrey said this meant she was almost at the end of her labor and would be delivering soon. "It was just one spider," Harry said sheepishly. With a pop, the boys, along with Bellatrix's silver knife, were gone. High time he bumped into Harry Potter, wouldn’t you say, who as it happens is in an awfully similar condition. " "We actually thought that they had something to do with the kidnapping. Albus and Minerva watched her very carefully. Hermione's made to give Remus a blow job. When he is ordered to kidnap someone dear to Harry Potter's heart, he goes after Ginny Weasley. After Rose was spoon fed some cough syrup and giving a small charm, Hermione kissed her daughter on the forehead and walked to the door. Summary: Hermione finds out she's adopted. When Hermione was little 6 months after her mother "died" she was kidnapped and placed into the future with no memories of her past but after she turns 18 she remembers and discovers her mum isn't dead but a part of the Cullen family. This may later be part of a longer fic, but for now, consider it a one-shot. An owl scratched at Hermione's window and she opened it. Ron Weasley a boy from her hometown whom she once considered her childhood sweetheart and the other is her boyfriend soon to be fiance Draco Malfoy. When Narcissa's mediwitch told Lucius, last 12 years after Draco birth, that they can't produce another child. Sirius Black was happy and miserable at the same time and he couldn't understand how that was possible. Kidnapped Chapter 9, a harry potter fanfic. Hiram comes to Riverdale from a business trip and brings Victoria Lodge, a ….